How to choose your juke and what you should look out for

It's not everyday that one decides to go out and purchase a jukebox. Most people who do will probably only ever buy one machine during their lifetime.

True, there are many who own several machines, but you don't have to be a collector in order to qualify as an enthusiast. Most people only manage to find room for one machine, although many owners change their machines as they work their way up to their desired machine.

Buying a jukebox is an important event, unlike purchasing a loaf of bread or a new pair of shoes - it should not be undertaken lightly. There can be many pitfalls along the road to finding your ultimate dream machine. A veritable minefield of confusion and bewilderment awaits. However, with a little guidance and a good deal of qualified advice, the operation can be accomplished with very few problems.

There are several ways to go about finding and purchasing a machine, Let's have a look at the choices:

Category One
Fully restored fully working ready to take home and use! Machines in this category are usually the most expensive at least initially as the total cost has to be borne in one go, so you need to have worked out your budget well in advance.

This is a convenient way of buying a jukebox provided you can find the right model without having to travel hundreds of miles searching for it in the first place.

Category Two
Machine in good condition all round with as many original features as possible including plating, glass, plastic trims, decals, buttons, etc. fully working ready to use. The same rules apply here as in category one except that original machines are harder to find and are very often in private ownership. Considered by many to be the most desirable machines

You may have to purchase at a fairly high price without any warranty or guarantee although you could get the jukebox checked over by an expert for a small fee before you part with your cash.

Category Three
Unrestored but fully working this is a fairly popular method of buying particularly for the more enthusiastic who want to have a go at restoring a machine but need the security of knowing that it does at least play before they start pulling it to bits.

Machines in this category are usually in need of a considerable amount of cosmetic work and may need a fair bit of money spending on them in addition to the purchase price ie plating may need attention, ideal for the D I Y man.

Quite a popular way to buy especially if the budget is a bit tight

Category Four
Unrestored, as is, as seen or as found. Usually bought by the trade or at least the more experienced person, this type of machine can have hidden dangers lurking unseen ie
it could be incomplete.

Usually offered for sale by people specialising in importing large quantities of jukeboxes from all kinds of foreign parts, these machines will normally be in need of serious restoration and will probably have parts missing and broken. Could be an expensive mistake, not recommended for the first timer, will need money spending on it
Let the buyer beware!

Category Five
The Replica if you're not bothered about authenticity, these machines have a lot to offer. Bear in mind that, with the singular exception of the "Wurlitzer 1050 nostalgia", no manufacturer ever made a domed or arch shaped jukebox that played 7 inch, 45 rpm records - those machines dated from the 1940's and played 78s.

The reproduction or replica machines have the appearance of the 1940's models with up-to-date, state-of-the- art technology inside the cabinets. Up to 200 selections on vinyl 45s and over 2,000 selections on compact disc are possible. Vinyl machines are no longer in production but you can get a brand new CD machine with a factory warranty and many years of trouble free use in front of you. Can be an option worth considering

Category Six
Juke Joint bespoke restoration. The machine of your choice, restored to your exact requirements.

Not only do we carry out all the work but we will try to find the jukebox for you and purchase it on your behalf. This is a limited service and you will need to contact the Juke Joint to discuss your requirements and our availability.


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