We stock a selection of jukebox spares of all kinds, so please email the Juke Joint with your specific requirements and we may be able to help.


The Juke Joint now has thousands of second hand 45's. They are mainly priced at £2.50 each with reductions on multiple sales. With some rarer 45's individual priced.

We also have a limited selection of 78's and 33's at prices from as low as 50p each.

Ring or email for more information full list of records is not available but if you can identify the artist we may be able to help.

Postage available on request.

Books & Manuals

The Juke Joint now has many of the classic books on jukeboxes as well as reprints of various manuals for many different machines. Stock availability varies.

Ring or email for availability and price.

Postage available on request.

Rock-ola Turntable Trims


These trims will brighten up your turntable/machine. They were fitted to late 50's to mid 60's Rock-ola's and just drop onto the turntable.

They are sized for machines with intermix (play large and small hole records) as well as the standard turntable. They will not fit all Rock-ola's so check the size before ordering.

They come in two colors, purple or green.

Size 119mm overall diameter 38mm small & 44mm large center diameters.

Price £18.00 each plus postage and packing these are a real bargain.

Colour Gels   

Colour up your jukebox with our fabulous rainbow gels. Can be taped around fluorescent lamps or taped to de fuser glasses.
Approximate size 90mm X 300mm each gel. (two gels normally required for a two foot fluorescent tube).

Price £1.00 each per gel or 6 for £5 plus postage and packing well worth trying.

Record Dinker (hole cutter)

Unique design. Works every time.

Made from solid brass with hardened steel, hollow-ground, cutter. Made in Sheffield, England.

This is the most straightforward and simple to use tool for taking the centers out of your 45s. Causes far less breakages/damage to records than other methods.

Price £20.00 , plus postage and packing.

Wurlitzer 1050 Stepper Model 270


This Stepper (Receiver ) was used in the 1050 model part no. 138849. It allows a wall box to be connected to your jukebox and fits in the bottom of the jukebox and is connected to the wall box. These are new old stock still in un opened boxes (except the one we opened to photograph). Four in stock.


Price £175.00 , plus postage and packing.

Rock-ola Lettering Strip


Brighten up your Rock-ola. The strips are designed for the Capri or Rhapsody models but will fit several other Rock-ola's including the Princes.

They are made to slid into the plastic strip above the title rack. These strips were often used to advertise including a locations (bars/restaurant) name. They are made from vinyl letters/logo stuck to a thin plastic strip.

Approximate size 50mm X 740mm.

Price £18.00 each, plus postage and packing.

Rock-ola Display Logo


Brighten up your Rock-ola. The displays are based on an original Rock-ola one and are designed for the Capri or Rhapsody models. They will however fit any model which was deigned to display a 7inch picture sleeve. Two designs are available the with the R and the one with circular patterning.

They are made from vinyl letters/logo stuck to a thin plastic strip.

Approximate size 180mm X 180mm.

Price £18.00 each, plus postage and packing.








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  Tel or Fax:   0114 255 7979

Unit 3 Abbeydale House, Barmouth Rd, Sheffield, S7 2DH

Hours of opening:
10.00 to 16.30 on Fridays and Saturdays
Also by appointment at any other time

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